New Buildings

JBuild Niseko will help you from the design phase of construction right through to handover.

With relationships with various construction companies, JBuild will ensure that your home will be built with the expertise to suit your style and budget needs.


The major advantage of Westerners using JBuild for renovations is the understanding that we have for optimal functionality when tackling a renovation.

Knowledge and access of many different products and materials can save thousands of dollars on even smaller renovations.

With many small design possibilities being the norm during renovations, JBuild has the expertise and knowledge to ensure these changes are made with the least possible hassle and expense.

Project management

With over 18 years of construction experience in Japan, JBuild Niseko has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your project is completed to your expectations and specifications, and also advise you of possible design and functionality improvements. While the Japanese builders are very proficient, western needs and expectations do vary across the board.
We offer our services on all or any part of your project no matter how big or small.


JBuild Niseko has connections and knowledge to purchase all your building needs from the smallest of building items right through to furniture and landscaping needs.